Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Sat Jan 24 18:55:19 CET 2009

On Jan 24, 2009, at 6:26 PM, Ralf Engels wrote:

> I just thought about the thing where obviously Peter changed the same
> thing I did because my patch was not integrated.
> Is there a process how to submit patches (I mean other than the one on
> the official web-page where it says: send it to the developer list).
> Do I need to send the patches directly to Scott as it seems like he is
> almost the only one integrating fixes?

There are several people on the list that commit patches at times, so  
it's best if they come here (also that at least sorts the mail coming  
to me so that it's easier to find later).

However patches getting answered mostly depends on if I have time to  
review them at the moment when they come in.  Otherwise they get  
deferred to the next batch-processing iteration of taglib bugs.  I've  
mentioned it in the past, but things that are in Bugzilla don't get  
forgotten, even if there's no answer for a while.  Before every  
release I review all open bugs and apply the patches which haven't  
been applied yet.


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