taglib-devel Digest, Vol 55, Issue 6

Vidar Wahlberg canidae at exent.net
Mon Jan 12 08:59:42 CET 2009

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 11:50:17AM +0100, Ralf Engels wrote:
> I have some ideas.
> If you are using my lame patch then you could substract the audio
> samples that were added by Lame to the front and back to get a more
> accurate count.

I just recently joined this list so I'm not familiar with this patch
(and I'm apparently too lazy to look up some archive for this list =).

> Also id3v2 has a tag called TLEN which should give you the length in
> milliseconds.

I don't trust this field at all. It's been way off too many times in my
experience, it'll only work with files using ID3v2 (I'm trying to move
away from this hack of a metadata implementation) and why not let the
software using taglib decide whether or not it should use the TLEN field
when it's available?

Vidar Wahlberg

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