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Viliam Bedeč viliam.bedec at madeinsk.sk
Wed Sep 24 21:13:30 CEST 2008

Hi team,

based on Scott advice, I'm directing this email to you. I would like to 
ask if there is any taglib lib/dll/def file avaliable for borland products ?

Best regards,

Viliam Bedec


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Predmet: 	Re: Taglib for Borland compilers
Dátum: 	Wed, 24 Sep 2008 21:04:28 +0200
Od: 	Scott Wheeler <wheeler at kde.org>
Pre: 	Viliam Bedeč <viliam.bedec at madeinsk.sk>
Referencie: 	<48DA8E0D.7010000 at madeinsk.sk>

Viliam Bedeč wrote:
> Hi team,
> I'm interesting in your library taglib. I'm creating application for 
> Windows that will be able to read tags from sound files and your 
> taglib is simply winner.
> I would like to ask if you have library/dll/def file compiled for 
> borland c++ applications ?

Hi Viliam --

I don't do any work on Windows at all, the Windows side is maintained by 
one of the other TagLib contributors, but I'm pretty sure at the moment 
it's only being tested with g++ on Windows and Visual Studio.  You might 
check on taglib-devel at kde.org (where questions like this should usually 



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