FLAC Slow Header

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at emailgoeshere.com
Wed Sep 10 21:11:51 CEST 2008

Andrew Gatt wrote:
> OK after convincing myself that the above mentioned patch wasn't added i
> decided to get it into shape against v1.5 of the flacfile.cpp. All
> credit still goes to Toby Dickenson, all i did was change the variable
> names to ones used in 1.5 and it worked as advertised, after initially
> creating the padding tag writing is *much* faster. As i use taglib to
> initially create the headers on the FLAC files this should work very well.
> Attached are the two file diffs required. Could anyone else verify that
> the patch works on their FLAC files and does not create any problems? If
> we can prove this works reliably it is a good feature to have in the
> library.


Scott usually goes through the bug tracker before a release and closes
all bugs, which means applying patches too.  One of the best things you
can do is to get the 1.5 version of the patch onto that bug report and
make sure the bug is open and set to version 1.5 of taglib.  That way
he's likely to see it.

Scott did promise more frequent releases...1.5 was released in
January...time for 1.5.1, Scott?  :-)


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