How to use it in KDevelop? Define include-path

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Sun Nov 30 12:25:22 CET 2008

cimodev wrote:
> Hi there
> i'm new to the following topic: linking against libraries, when there
> include files are'nt in the root path of /usr/local/include.
> while installing taglib on opensuse 10.3 (with configure && make && make
> install) all include files goes to the path "/usr/local/include/taglib".
> so, in my main.cpp i have to #include "taglib/taglib.h" with the path as
> prefix. But, taglib-files itself includes their files without this prefix.
> i think its not a good idea to change all include-lines by myself within
> taglib :) so there must be another, better way.
> can anybody help me?

I don't know how this works with KDevelop, but you just need to have a 
line in your compiler line that includes "-I 
/usr/local/include/taglib".  Usually with CMake or QMake this is done by 
either using pkgconfig and reading the taglib.pc file or using the 
taglib-config script with the --cflags option.


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