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Wed May 21 01:22:15 CEST 2008

pots the source nor the bin till I have mp3 preview working!.

So I would appreciate your help!

You can see my projecte here:

Thanks a lot!
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<a target=3D"_blank" href=3D"../mail?view=3Dcm&amp;tf=3D0&amp;to=3Dtaglib-d=
evel at"></a>Hi!<br><br>I&#39;m developing a quicklook for linux using=
 opengl and I want to add preview for many file types, one of them MP3, I f=
ound that your library can extract the front cover but I get lost in how to=
 do this<br>
<br>Do you have any tutorial or a little piece of code where I can find thi=
s simple function?<br><br>From now I can show up any kind of images, PDFs a=
nd text files, but I won&#39;t pots the source nor the bin till I have mp3 =
preview working!.<br>
<br>So I would appreciate your help!<br><br>You can see my projecte here:<b=
r><br><a href=3D"">http://www.y=</a><br><a href=3D"
rojects/gloobus"></a><br clear=3D"al=
<br><br>Thanks a lot!<br>-- <br>&lt;font color=3D#666666&gt; ______________=
_____________________________________<br>Jordi Hern=E1ndez Puigdell=EDvol |=
 &lt;/font&gt; &lt;font color=3D#33ccff&gt;Jordi.HernandezP at gmail .com&lt;/=


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