Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri May 9 02:16:30 CEST 2008

SVN commit 805637 by wheeler:

Do a dynamic_cast on these instead of a static since in the case of a non-supported
frame flag the frame will still be added to the list, but using the UnknownFrame type
rather than the canonical type.  At the moment, on systems with a build in zlib, this
should only happen for the (very rare) encrypted frames.

CCMAIL:taglib-devel at kde.org

 M  +3 -1      id3v2tag.cpp  

--- trunk/kdesupport/taglib/taglib/mpeg/id3v2/id3v2tag.cpp #805636:805637
@@ -125,7 +125,9 @@
   for(FrameList::ConstIterator it = comments.begin(); it != comments.end(); ++it)
-    if(static_cast<CommentsFrame *>(*it)->description().isEmpty())
+    CommentsFrame *frame = dynamic_cast<CommentsFrame *>(*it);
+    if(frame && frame->description().isEmpty())
       return (*it)->toString();

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