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Tony Million tonymillion at
Wed Mar 19 17:11:05 CET 2008

Hi, first time posting to the dev list :)

We have a media player/manager app using TagLib. And were thinking about
expansion. Someone on the dev team emailed scott directly but I believe this
is a better place to discuss this.

Now to the point:

We 'waste' a lot of code in our app determining filetypes and iterating
frames/atoms/etc to grab information which, while maybe not available
generally, is becoming fairly common. Things like:

Total Tracks
Disk Number (and Total Disk Number)
Album Artist
Replay Gain (both for Track, and Album)

I wanted to guage the possibility of exposing this via the FileRef returned
from TagLib::FileRef::create.

Rather than having a bunch of casts and iteration which could easily be
hidden in the class for that particular format. Maybe via a virtual TagEx *
ExtendedTag(); addition (which wouldn't break code compatibility).

Or maybe I've completely missed something obvious (theres a lot of code to

Hope some of this email makes sense.

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