Works well with VS2005, but NOT with VC6

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Jul 31 18:40:12 CEST 2008

Anthony Liu wrote:
> I have successfully complied taglib with VS2005, but when I tried to 
> compile it with VC6, I got thousands errors.
> First, VC6 does not accept long long ( error C2632: 'long' followed by 
> 'long' is illegal), it should be replaced with __int64.
> It seems that VC6 also has problems with the class templates.
> Can anyone help me to figure it out? Thanks!

Visual Studio 6 doesn't support partial template specialization, so it 
won't work with TagLib, and honestly, VS 6 was released more than 10 
years ago and has been outdated for more than 6 years, so I don't really 
care about supporting it.


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