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>D?a Pi, 2008-07-04 o 18:29 +0100, jon bird napísal:
>> Hi all,
>> I've just started playing with the Windows port of taglib and in the
>> process have come across a couple of issues. Firstly, I'm not too sure
>> how useful the binaries are since they are keyed to a specific Visual
>> Studio (in this case VC7) set of runtime DLLs.
>> The 'C' wrapper is probably okay for the most part however I saw some
>> odd memory crashes when attempting to link the C++ DLL to into Visual
>> Studio 9. Building the libs from scratch (ie. so they all use VC9
>> runtime DLLs) seems to resolve this.
>Various versions of MSVC not being compatible with each other is a known
>fact. Perhaps I should remove the VC 2003 binary.
well maybe a note just to the unwary. I've not looked hard at the 'C' 
interface side but I think if memory allocators and file handle 
manipulation are kept within the library then it's okay. Certainly I've 
managed to link a wrapper dll (written in VC9) into my main app (BCB) by 
following those rules.


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