zlib in Windows build/binaries

jon bird news at onastick.clara.co.uk
Fri Jul 4 19:29:22 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I've just started playing with the Windows port of taglib and in the 
process have come across a couple of issues. Firstly, I'm not too sure 
how useful the binaries are since they are keyed to a specific Visual 
Studio (in this case VC7) set of runtime DLLs.

The 'C' wrapper is probably okay for the most part however I saw some 
odd memory crashes when attempting to link the C++ DLL to into Visual 
Studio 9. Building the libs from scratch (ie. so they all use VC9 
runtime DLLs) seems to resolve this.

Secondly, on the back of this if you build taglib from the sources "as 
is" zlib support isn't included, this then causes taglib to crash when 
it tries to parse a compressed frame. I'm not sure if this behaviour is 
unique to Windows or whether this is the case if zlib isn't included on 
any platform. Certainly if I include the Win32 zlib libraries in the 
build, the frame is processed correctly. This then begs the final 
question, do the pre-build binaries include zlib support?



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