My Win32/MSVC port of TagLib

Sergey A. Galin sergey.galin at
Fri Jan 18 20:47:21 CET 2008


I've made a Win32 port of TagLib:

Here's the list of bigfixes and modifications I made:

     1. Built-in UNICODE conversion routines were crashing, so I
        replaced them with Windows conversion functions (controlled by
     2. ID3v2 comments are always written as UTF16. The library was
        always trying to write them as Latin1. Controlled by
     3. ID3v1 fields are embedded in ANSI charset instead of Latin1.
        This may be a violation of the standard (I'm not sure), but this
        is how all other apps do and expect.
     4. Fixes some problems which were present in the original port,
        including binary file access mode. Character types are changed
        to char and wchar_t.

It would be great to see the updates merged into the repository (sorry,
I'm very much overloaded with work to do that by myself now).

Best regards,
Sergey A.Galin     

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