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Sat Jan 12 05:33:23 CET 2008

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Hi, I am new to taglib and not hugely knowledgeable about MP3 tag formats, so I apologize if this question is newby-ish.

I am writing an application in which it would be useful to be able to read MP3 tags.  I'm looking at using taglib, but if I am understanding the class methods right, I can't get some fields.  Composer, specifically, is one I use a lot personally, I don't know about other people.  It looks like I can get:

virtual String  title () const =0 
virtual String  artist () const =0 
virtual String  album () const =0 
virtual String  comment () const =0 
virtual String  genre () const =0 
virtual uint  year () const =0 
virtual uint  track () const =0 

Am I misunderstanding this?  Is there a way to get other tags than those?  It doesn't look like there is something like a "get tag by name" kind of function (except for OGG tags).

Of course I could make the change myself ... but to be honest I am thinking seriously of just linking to the windows binary .lib without building it myself.  I know that's a bad idea, but I am using MS VC++ 6.0, and I am finding the prospect of building the project daunting.  I found the windows version of the source code, but it's using project settings from a later version (an XML file with ".vcproj").  I can probably guess what most of the settings are and set them manually but getting it built is going to be a several hour project at best.  Unfortunately I am really under a lot of time pressure on this.

If I can't do it with taglib I am looking at id3lib.  I get the impression that the author of taglib doesn't have a very high opinion of this project, does anybody have any general high-level opinions on this?  It does look like it supports getting tags by the tag ID.

Anyway thanks for any opinions and sorry if the answers to these questions are in the docs but I missed them,

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