Only the first ID3v2 frame can be accessed

Gabriel Burca gburca-taglib at
Thu Jan 3 04:08:15 CET 2008

I tried using taglib version 1.4 to read all the frames in an MP3 ID3v2 tag, but
was only able to obtain the first frame. Searching for some sample code on-line
I found tagdump2.cpp which also seems to only display the first frame. Is this a
known issue, or is there an error in my (and the tagdump2 author's) usage of the

The tagdump2 file can be found at:

My code does essentially the same thing:

TagLib::MPEG::File mp(filePath);
TagLib::ID3v2::FrameList allFrames = mp.ID3v2Tag()->frameList();
cout << "Frames found: " << allFrames.size()); // Always reports just 1 frame
std::list<TagLib::ID3v2::Frame *>::iterator iter = allFrames.begin();
while (iter != allFrames.end()) {
    // Show frame contents

If I remove the first frame from the mp3 file, the code will show me the next
one, but always just one frame. The frameList() call seems to only return a
1-element list.

Gabriel Burca - gburca dash taglib at ebixio dot com

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