TagLib 1.5 Release

Serge Baranov serge at baranov.org.ru
Tue Feb 26 13:13:40 CET 2008

Hello Scott,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008, 5:58:30 AM, you wrote:

S> Lukáš Lalinský wrote:
>> Anyway, I think a build-time option to disable these formats should take
>> care of any issues.

S>  From what Rex said that would seem to be true, but I have to say 
S> doesn't make any sense for me.  Do distros not have a problem 
S> distributing the source for something that they object to distributing
S> the binary for?

Not sure if it's a valid example, but see
http://www.freetype.org/patents.html :

"Is FreeType 2 Affected by the Patents?

The answer is no for any recent build of FreeType 2, since it comes
with an ‘auto-hinting’ module that was specifically designed to
completely ignore the TrueType bytecode instructions.

However, the source code for the bytecode interpreter is still
available and can be toggled on at compile time, for those that want
to use it anyway (because they purchased a license from Apple, or
because they are in a country where the patents do not apply, etc.).
For details please check the documentation that comes with your
FreeType source package (it normally involves changing one
configuration macro)."

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