TagLib 1.5 Release

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Feb 21 03:13:54 CET 2008

TagLib 1.5 is out.  A rundown of major changes, as well as the source, 
is available at:


There's a Mac OS framework linked at the bottom of the page.  I'll post 
Windows binaries as soon as Lukáš has a chance to build them.

As always, file any bug reports that you happen to run into in the bug 
tracker.  As there are specifically a couple things that I intend to 
implement (wav / aiff support as well as support for ID3v2 tags in RIFF 
chunks) I expect a 1.5.1 (or 1.6) to be much faster in coming around 
this time.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Lukáš Lalinský for the numerous bug 
fixes, testing and new features, Urs Fleisch, Aaron VonderHaar for their 
ID3v2 frame implementations and of course Michael Pyne for helping keep 
the bug list in check.



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