TagLib 1.5 RC 1

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Wed Feb 13 04:31:38 CET 2008

(I sent this three hours ago and it hasn't shown up yet, no doubt it 
will hit within minutes of me resending.)

The RC is up.  There have been a number of changes since the beta last
week so even if you tested with the beta, please continue to test with
the RC.  Any bugs that are found should be filed in the bug tracker.

I have also updated the documentation on the web server.  Please review
the docs and report back to the list with any details that you feel are

Major (file corruption, crashes) or trivial bugs may still be fixed
fixed before the release.  If no major issues are discovered within the
next week in approximately one week this will be renamed to TagLib 1.5
and released.

I've also gone ahead and build a Mac OS bundle for this release.  Lucas,
for the release could you do an official Windows build?

I'll prepare a change log some time before the real release.





Mac OS X Framework:




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