taglib 1.5 beta 1

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Mon Feb 4 05:12:30 CET 2008

Naturally after deciding to release 1.5 a week ago a couple days before 
I got serious about doing it and realized there was a lot I wanted to 
take care of.  :-)

The last week has been pretty busy with bug fixes and some minor 
cleanups.  As there is still one bug that I want to fix and I want to do 
a documentation and one final code review I've decided to call this a 
beta rather than an RC.  (I hate it when people call things a release 
candidate when they're not.)  But since I'm already running one week 
behind what I mentioned, I wanted to get a build out there to play with.

The rough plan remains the same though - if all goes well the RC will be 
built one week from today.  If there are no critical bugs found in it, 
it will be come TagLib 1.5 two weeks from today.

So, play with it, try to break it, valgrind your applications with it 
and if you run into issues get them into bugs.kde.org.




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