TabLib for Visual Studio 2008

Tony Pombo mcp at
Thu Dec 4 08:37:31 CET 2008

I have created a "Visual Studio 2008 Solution" for taglib 1.5.  I used cmake
to create the projects, and it works.  But, it produces "dirty" project
files full of unnecessary/inappropriate options and doesn't use relative
paths.  Basically, cmake's output is difficult to manage.  After cleaning up
the cmake output, I realized it would have been faster and better to create
the projects from scratch.  So I did, and I'm willing to share my work.


Attached is a ZIP file with the VS9 files.  Simply unzip the contents of the
ZIP file into the directory where taglib-1.5.tar was extracted.  This
process creates a new directory, MSVC-Projects, that contains all files for
Visual Studio.  No files or folders from taglib-1.5 are modified, and the
Visual Studio files are all contained in the new directory.  This project
includes the zlib 1.2.3 library.


Feel free to post this file for others to use.  You may post my email
address for questions if you wish.


Thanks for your work.

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