TagLib affects indexers?

Michael Pyne mpyne at purinchu.net
Fri Aug 1 00:43:18 CEST 2008

On Thursday 31 July 2008, lariamat wrote:
> Can anybody confirm this?
> as far as I can see there is no possibility to open a file readonly with
> taglib.
> This affects tracker/beagle/strigi/any other indexer that uses inotify,
> because these reindex the file after reading the tag with taglib.
> Am I getting something wrong or isn't there a possibility to open
> readonly.

You can open a file read only, but TagLib only does this right now if opening 
it in read/write mode fails.  So you need to make the file itself read only to 
do this (which isn't a bad idea anyways if you're not going to tag it any 
further I guess).

Adding a readOnly flag to TagLib::File() probably wouldn't be too hard though, 
everything is in taglib/toolkit/tfile.cpp

 - Michael Pyne
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