Generic API useless with Unicode for ID3v2?

Andreas Klöckner lists at
Wed Oct 17 04:45:35 CEST 2007

On Dienstag 16 Oktober 2007, you wrote:
> You're post implies you haven't read the API doc for
> TextIdentificationFrame (if it's a buggy implementation within the code,
> then ignore the rest of this post).
> TextIdentificationFrame blah;
> ...
> String s ("Some unicode text", UTF16);
> blah.setTextEncoding(UTF16);
> blah.setText(s);
> ...

I know (or rather, found out painfully) that I also have to set the text 
encoding when setting the text. I'm arguing that that totally sucks. 
Especially since the generic API does *not* set the encoding when it sets the 
text, so that if I use setArtist with some unicode data on a file that 
previously had a Latin1 encoded tag, then Taglib will happily shove the 
unicode data into that tag, usually with less-than-pleasing results.

I've taken the liberty of forwarding this email to the list, hopefully that's 
ok with you.

I think Taglib's behavior, at least at the generic API level, needs to be 
changed. If you search around on the web, you can easily find more people 
who've been annoyed by this.

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