where to store bpm info

Veit Hailperin freakyveit at web.de
Tue Mar 27 21:29:05 CEST 2007

> Shouldn't that be "TBPM" as per ID3v2.4 spec?
> http://www.id3.org/id3v2.4.0-frames #4.2.3

how do i get the TBPM info there via taglib? artist, title,... are clear.

>> iTunes and taglib both store bpm in the ID3V2 tag "TBP".
>> In the past, when I've wanted it in a filename, I just create 
>> directories of symbolic links like so:
>> "dj/lindy_hop/187 - Count Basie - Jive at Five" links to 
>> "../../../albums/Count Basie/The Complete Decca Recordings Disc 3/15 - 
>> Jive at Five.mp3"

hey, another lindy - Dj :)

>> scripts to do this are long gone, but easy to create.

probably would be. But it looks to me like a "dirty" way. Especially, 
since when you're not dj-ing from your computer, you loose all that 
information, and carry it along.

So, if there is a place in the id2.4 spec definded, why not put it there.

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