C# : TagLib.File.Create() return null in some case...?!

Fabrice DESHAYES aka Xtream fabrice at xtream.be
Thu Jan 18 22:36:53 CET 2007

i'm trying to code a C# application with display ID3 tags of song currently
played in winamp. I'm not coding a winamp plugin but a stand alone
application in C# .NET 2.0 on VS2005 express.
If i used a hard coded string, the TagLib.File.Create(path) is working
Exemple :
String path = "C:\\mp3\\test.mp3";
TagLib.File.Create(path); // return a full fonctionnal object for tags
If i use the WACC lib to get path of the song currently played in winamp,
i'm getting the same path as before (after some transformation because WACC
return string with \0 terminated) , but TagLib.File.Create(path) always
return null.
Exemple :
String path = "C:\\mp3\\test.mp3";
String path2 = Winamp.getCurrentSongPath();
Console.WriteLine(path.CompareTo(path2)); // return zero : path = path2
TagLib.File.Create(path); // is not null, all is ok
TagLib.File.Create(path2); // is null so i can't read tags... :-(
I don't understand why taglib don't want to construct properly with certain
String (which seem to be the same for C# string comparaison).
maybe someone has an idea ?
thanks for reading. bye!
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