ASF roundup

Xavier Duret xavier.duret at
Sun Jan 7 13:42:19 CET 2007

So let me check that I get this straight. There are 2 different wma plugin for taglib.

The one currently in Amarok ("svn://") and maintained by Martin comes from the implementation in libtunepimp written by Lukas (""). Lukas, can you tell us what has been the source of information used for writing wma support in libtunepimp?

The older one from Umesh comes from ffmpeg. Who wrote the wma parser for ffmpeg ("svn://")? I do not find any asfdec.c in subversion but asf.c and asfenc.c have a lot of contributors. William, are you the one that reverse-engineered of the asf codec and produced the "asfheader.txt"?

Both implementations are LGPL. The implementation based on ffmpeg does not meet the coding criteria of taglib. The implementation in Amarok is fine according to Scott.

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