taglib cuts off long-ish tags after 30 chars

Matthias Berndt matthias_berndt at gmx.de
Thu Feb 8 05:38:39 CET 2007

> I know you're going to hate me, but I still thing you're getting the
> ID3v1 tag - just because it's too much of a coincidence that 30 chars is
> the ID3v1 limit for the song title. It could be a bug within taglib of 
> course, I just don't have the time to actually debug the source - maybe
> one of the developers could do it.
OK, so if any developer reads this, please look into this issue :). In the 
attachment you'll find the last few kb of the file, since that's where the 
tags are stored. Both Amarok and foobar2000 behave the same as with the 
complete file, so i guess it should be enough to debug taglib.
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