taglib cuts off long-ish tags after 30 chars

Matthias Berndt matthias_berndt at gmx.de
Thu Feb 8 02:20:29 CET 2007

I have an MP3 on disk with a very long title ("A Change Of Seasons VII: The 
Crimson Sunset" from Dream Theaters album "Once In A LIVETime"), and my 
preferred MP3 player on Windows, foobar2000, reads the tags fine. 
taglib doesn't, it cuts off the title after 30 chars. I'm trying to read it 
like this:

FileRef::FileRef f(argv[1]); //     argv[1] is the file's name, obviously
cout << f.tag()->title().to8Bit() << endl;

and the output is like this:
A Change Of Seasons VII: The C

I've noticed the same behaviour also in Amarok which uses taglib, and actually 
there are a _lot_ files where this happens (I'm not quite sure, but i think i 
tagged them with a Windows program called exact audio copy)
If you want me to, i can upload the file somewhere so you can figure things 

Matthias Berndt

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