Taglib Win32 project

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Oct 12 22:06:18 CEST 2006

Vitali Lovich wrote:
> I know this has come up a few times in the past mailing lists, but I've 
> noticed that you've moved to CMake for your build system which is pretty 
> cool & I figured win32 compatibility would be added at the same time.

"We" didn't.  "We" were very pissed off when Laurent committed those 


> The question I wanted to ask is if the dllexports will be added to the 
> functions/classes so that the .lib will be generated (not just the dll 
> alone which is generally fairly useless), or will the headers have to be 
> patched every time?
> It's not much of an issue, but I'm trying to make my project 
> cross-platform & compilable under msvc & g++.
Yes, they'll be added at some point before the next release, which I 
will eventually get around to.  (I keep planning on doing it soon and 
then go back into the bug list and push it back a little, wash, rinse, 


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