windows specific issue in taglib

Roel roel_v at
Sat May 6 14:24:28 CEST 2006


After 2 hours of swearing and bitching I found what prevents reading of 
APIC tags on Windows: in the constructor of TagLib::File, the file is 
opened like this:

   d->file = fopen(file, d->readOnly ? "r" : "r+");

However on Windows, the following should be done:

   d->file = fopen(file, d->readOnly ? "rb" : "rb+");

Notice the 'b' for opening in binary mode. I see the manpages of the 
Linux standard c library on don't mention these 
extra options; I don't know what the C standards says about it but would 
you consider making a #define called 'FILE_READ_OPEN_MODE' or something 
like that that can be set to override the default? Thanks.



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