Ape tags, includes and portability

mETz mETz81 at web.de
Tue Jul 18 16:57:12 CEST 2006

On Tuesday July 18 2006 16:41, Sebastian Pipping wrote:
> mETz wrote:
> > Just to sum things up what I'd like to maintain:
> > - cmake files (working on both unix and windows of course)
> > - mingw compatiblity and builds
> > - msvc2005 compatiblity and builds
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> I made it work with Visual Studio 2003 and with Code::Blocks
> (using MinGW) before. So I could take care of these two.

well, if we'd agree to stick to cmake we'd only need one makefile system 
because cmake can create unix makefiles as well as msvc projects (all major 
versions). I had made handcrafted Dev-C++ and MSVC2005 projects before but I 
think the risk of having outdated project files is not worth the effort.

Now I only have a few CMakeList.txt and I'm able to compile taglib, bindings, 
examples and even the tests on Linux, MinGW and MSVC.

Btw, few days ago I got another request to add WMA-support to my binaries. 
What's the problem with adding the code from libtunepimp to taglib? I just 
added it here and it compiles and seems to work on linux (no windows test 
yet). Is the format itself copyrighted or something?

Stefan aka mETz

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