A few questions...

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at emailgoeshere.com
Mon Jul 10 20:55:15 CEST 2006


I'm an Amarok developer and have a few questions.  I've done a  
preliminary search of the archives but didn't find much of use, so  
forgive me if any of these questions have been answered.

1) I have heard much about a bug with FLAC files that causes the  
entire file to be rewritten with every metadata change.  Is this still  
valid/what release was it fixed in/when will it be fixed?  This bug is  
keeping us from using ATF  
(http://amarok.kde.org/amarokwiki/index.php/Advanced_Tag_Features_(ATF)) with  
FLAC files.  If it will be fixed in TagLib 1.5, which I've heard is  
coming, is there a tentative release date for 1.5?

2) When we write a UID to a MP3 file in the UFID frame, we tell TagLib  
to go ahead and create the ID3v2.4 tag if it doesn't exist.  It  
correctly copies over existing values from ID3v1, however, it removes  
the ID3v1 tag.  This causes some issues with (crappy) hardware players  
that only support ID3v1 or don't support ID3v2.4, but as we try to  
keep our users happy, this is quite an issue for us.  One way we may  
solve it is to write an ID3v1 tag back to the file upon transfer to a  
media device, however:

a) Will writing an ID3v1 tag remove the ID3v2.4 tag, like it does the  
other way around?
b) If we do this, is there a way to have it automatically copy over  
values from the ID3v2.4 tag, like it does when you create the ID3v2.4  
tag (realizing that truncation, etc., may take place)?


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