Windows port (VS 2005)

Sebastian Pipping webmaster at
Wed Jul 5 05:57:38 CEST 2006

Chris Haidvogel wrote:
> Can someone point me to where I could get my hands on a windows port of
> taglib?  I am looking to some c++ development in VS2005 so any examples
> anyone can give would be great.

I had the same question yesterday and searching the mailing list
archive made me find the three windows ports at the end of this
message. The one at the very bottom is said to work with Visual
Studio 2005 but I have not tested this myself.

To me the fact that at least three windows ports of taglib exist
says very clearly that native windows support is needed here.
Maybe the three people who wrote ports already are interested
in joining forces. I would be interested to participate too.

Also it would be great if someone who already took a closer look
at the code of these ports could point out the differences between
them or at least sum up the pros and cons of a single one.

These are the ports I am speaking of

2006-06-27 - Lukas Lalinsky

2006-06-09 - Indy Sams

2006-05-26 - Antti Sykäri

Best regards, Sebastian

Sebastian Pipping

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