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Jochen Issing jochen at
Sat Jan 14 00:50:26 CET 2006

On Saturday 14 January 2006 00:01, Michael Pyne wrote:
> On Monday 09 January 2006 17:21, Jochen Issing wrote:
> > > The features are for now read only of almost all supported mp4 itunes
> > > fields, cover is left out for now, but could be included as well. No
> > > AudioProperties support yet, but will be my upcoming work. Write
> > > support will be last step for implementation, because this will be the
> > > most difficult part for me, especially rearding the offset tables,
> > > which I do not need to touch now.
> Hey, this is pretty awesome. :)  (Sorry for the late reply, btw)
Ah, thanks for the reply! I was a bit afraid of no interest ;-)
> > > Besides that the code is not completely cleaned up (some #if
> > > 0-statements), because I might need those in future work. I tried to do
> > > as much Doxygen comments as I was able to do - the License Header is
> > > missing in some files as well.
> May I ask how you're doing this work?  There is existing code out there to
> merge MPEG-4 into TagLib but it is derived from mplayer (or libfaad, I
> forget which) and is thus license incompatible.
Nothing external; I took the isomediafile standard and implemented the boxes I 
needed. For the itunes tags I did some reverse engineering.
> If your work were to make its way to TagLib it would have to carry the same
> (or less restrictive) license.
The whole code comes out of my hands, therefore I got the rights on it - no 
worries ;-)
> But if you managed to write the code by reverse-engineering the format or
> using documentation (i.e. not just reimplementing from other code), that
> would probably be OK.
> > > Please give me your opinion on the code, if the coding rules are
> > > matched good enough, if the structure is Ok or whatever. At least, give
> > > it a try! ;-)
> Um, where *is* the code?
How should I deliver it? Right now I got a pathed version of taglib in my home 
directory. Simplest would be to upload it to my http completely, therefore 
you won't need to patch it.

BTW, I needed to add ulonglong to the types, I hope this is Ok, is it?



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