Using patched taglib in a non open source software...

Tom Sorensen tsorensen at
Wed Apr 5 20:18:20 CEST 2006

As I understand it, the LGPL binds you to do the following (note, this
is presuming that you're writing an app that links to the TagLib
library at compile or runtime and are not doing a cut'n'paste of
TagLib code or equivalent):

You must distribute the modified TagLib library. Any files that you
modified must be clearly marked as changed and include a date of
change. Do not remove any files from the TagLib distribution
(_especially_ the LGPL notice itself!). You must provide this for

You may be able to get away with submitting patches to the TagLib
project and referencing those patches (and it sounds like they'd be
useful anyway!), but that's not a certainty. If you want to do this,
then I'd recommend just putting up an archive of the TagLib sources,
with your changes (again, marked as such) on the same site that you
distribute your program from.

IANAL, so someone please correct me if I said something incorrect.

On 4/5/06, Pierre Chatelier <pierre.chatelier at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I intend to use taglib in a little freeware of my own, that is not
> open source. So, I was wondering how to legally do that.
> Reading the LGPL, I have understood that I have to quote Taglib, and
> use it non modified.
> However, there is a trick:
>         -I do use a modified taglib : the patched version of Jochen Issing
> that can read M4A format
>         -I have found two bugs in taglib (missing virtual destructors) that
> I have fixed
>         -I have to modify the compile script to compile the lib as a
> universal binary under MacOSX
> What does it imply regarding LGPL ?
> Regards,
> Pierre Chatelier
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