types of the return values of .album() .artist()......

Andreas Klöckner inform at tiker.net
Tue Apr 4 23:17:45 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 04 April 2006 15:36, Veit Hailperin wrote:
> I'm really stuck - and i'm not sure if that is because of my programming
> or because of taglib.
> The problem is the following. When i get the values of .album() on few
> files it will return a bytestring and on afai tested all of the others
> it'll return a unicode-object.
> Should it return usually a unicode-object - and this is a bug in taglib,
> or am i supposed to guess what comes out and decode it that way?

Everything but filenames are supposed to come out as unicode objects. I'd be 
grateful for examples of cases when regular bytestring objects are returned. 
A quick test that I ran returned only unicode objects.


PS: I'm guessing that this is about TagPy. If that is so, you should probably 
indicate that in the subject line, to avoid annoying everybody else on this 
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