simple command-line app?

Ben bench at
Wed Sep 7 07:03:07 CEST 2005

Hey, thanks. :)

As it turns out, the same tagwriter app is almost perfect for what I  
want. The only problem I have with it is with non-latin characters...  
it seems that iTunes expects fields to be in UTF-8, and it seems that  
taglib likes UTF-16. For instance, I could make a field be equal to


in iTunes, but then that field is garbage to taglib. Or I could set  
it to that with tagwriter, and while tagreader sees it properly,  
iTunes does not. However, if I set it in iTunes, and then output all  
the tag fields using to8Bit(true) in taglib, then I can properly sees  
what iTunes writes, like so:

       cout << "title   - \"" << tag->title().to8Bit(true)   << "\""  
<< endl;

That implies to me that iTunes is using UTF-8.

So my big question is, how do I get taglib to prefer UTF-8 over  
UTF-16? My c++ skills aren't exactly sharp.... :(

On Sep 6, 2005, at 5:13 PM, Michael Pyne wrote:

> On Tuesday 06 September 2005 19:51, Ben wrote:
>> Hey guys, I'm looking for a simple, command-line tagger.... much like
>> id3ed, but with support for UTF-8 and ID3v2. Those requirements  
>> brought
>> me to find taglib, but I can't seem to find a simply wrapper  
>> around taglib.
>> Before I remake the wheel, does such a thing exist?
> Not sure, but if you look in the examples/ directory of the taglib  
> source
> you'll see example command line applications to set/get tags for  
> files, and
> it shouldn't be too hard to morph them to fit your needs.
> Regards,
>  - Michael Pyne
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