Problem with id3v2 tags on some mp3s and taglib 1.3.1

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at
Sat Mar 12 01:19:02 CET 2005

Hi, I've been using amarok, and I have encountered a problem. I've already 
discussed this with the amarok developers, and we conclude it is a bug in 
taglib... so here is a report (using taglib 1.3.1 on gentoo).

Most of my mp3s have their id3v2 information parsed correctly. However I 
noticed that some of them were having their albums names "truncated". This 
turns out to be because they were using the id3v1 version of the tags which 
have a limited space for the fields.

I stripped the id3v1 tags from a few files as a test - now those files in 
particular do not get ANY id3 information extracted in amarok.

A sample file with this problem is available at: (256k)

This is just a one of my mp3 files truncated to save having to download huge 
amounts of data - amarok does not manage to retrieve any tag information, yet 
you can clearly see the id3v2 tag if you hexedit it.

"id3info" from id3lib parses it correctly.

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