Crash with musepack files and taglib 1.4

Benoit Amiaux benoit.amiaux at
Sat Jul 30 17:15:10 CEST 2005

I just updated taglib to 1.4 to see how it was working with 
(xmms|bmp)-musepack plugins.

I was using previously an svn version which had the memleak and empty 
genre tag bugs fixed. This version was working perfectly. Unfortunately, 
I don't remember which revision it was.

1.4 always crash.

One backtrace example:

#9  0xb6cbc321 in operator delete () from /usr/lib/
#10 0xb6d55b2f in ~Item (this=0xbfc1d908) at apeitem.cpp:68
#11 0xb6d534fa in ~pair (this=0xbfc1d900) at tmap.tcc:87
#12 0xb6d534d5 in TagLib::Map<TagLib::String const, 
    (this=0x8284474, key=@0xbfc1d940, value=@0xbfc1d950) at tmap.tcc:88
#13 0xb6d530a5 in TagLib::APE::Tag::parse (this=0x8284490, data=@0xbfc1d990)
    at apetag.cpp:251
#14 0xb6d52dc0 in TagLib::APE::Tag::read (this=0x8284490) at apetag.cpp:216
#15 0xb6d51f1f in Tag (this=0x8284490, file=0xbfc1dae0, tagOffset=13341596)
    at apetag.cpp:63
#16 0xb6d50528 in TagLib::MPC::File::read (this=0xbfc1dae0,
    readProperties=false) at mpcfile.cpp:275
#17 0xb6d4fb28 in File (this=0xbfc1dae0,
    file=0x8280ce8 "/home/user/input.mpc",
    at mpcfile.cpp:96
#18 0xb6dd1132 in getTags () from /usr/lib/xmms/Input/

I'll try to see what was recently broken..

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