taglib on windows with visual studio

Roel roel_v at stack.be
Thu Jul 14 23:54:42 CEST 2005

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> *) Headers are structured the way that they are in the source because, well, 
> that's easier to work with when developing the library.  That won't change.  
> They're all installed to the same location.  (By 
> default /usr/local/include/taglib.)

I just checked taglib out of kde anonsvn so that I could make a patch 
against the latest version, but the files there are organized 
differently from the way they are in the latest release. Is the 
structure reorganized or do you shuffle files around when doing a 
release? If so, where do you want me to put the msvc files? I need to 
reference the .cpp files in the project file, relative to that project 
file, so it seems like a choice between allowing people to build only 
from svn or only from releases (that is, if the organization is 
different between svn and release).



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