taglib on windows with visual studio

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Wed Jul 13 17:26:58 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 12 July 2005 23:46, Roel Vanhout wrote:
> The thing is that I want a version that compiles on msvc without having
> to install a second compiler and supporting headers & libs.

And to be honest, that's what I'd prefer for the Windows side since that's 
presumably the compiler that most people are working with.  Bonus points if 
it also works with mingw.

> > The license wouldn't make a difference, linking to a dll is the same as
> > linking in a static lib. And anyway, what's your problem? AFAIK linking
> > taglib into a commercial application is ok because it's LGPL.
> No, it's not the same.

Right.  Section 5 of the LGPL.

In responce to your previous question, no, the license won't change, but I 
suppose that's not a surprise.

> Well that was part of my question: will the next release include the
> __declspec stuff, that is, is Scott willing to include it?

Recent versions of GCC like to have something similar (explicit symbol 
visibility), so I'm not opposed to adding a macro for that in the near 

I don't have such a version of GCC for testing, but if you ask really nicely 
you might be able to convince Michael to do some testing if you come up with 
a patch for such.  :-)

If all of that happens in the next few days it might make into 1.4.

To answer a couple of your other questions from the last mail:

*) Headers are structured the way that they are in the source because, well, 
that's easier to work with when developing the library.  That won't change.  
They're all installed to the same location.  (By 
default /usr/local/include/taglib.)

*) On the headers stuff -- probably the best place to put the Windows specific 
stuff would be in a config.h that you provide.  That makes it easy enough to 
avoid platform specific #ifdefs in the code itself.

Now for the part where I'm going to be annoying -- I don't have any desire to 
have Windows patches just so that TagLib can compile on Windows; what it 
needs for me to accept these patches is a Windows maintainer that will keep 
up the patches, package the releases, etc.  Perhaps you and Stefan working 
together on that would be good if you're both willing.  You seem to have a 
stronger Windows development background than he does.  (I can't imagine 
Stefan really seeing that as an insult.  ;-) )


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