Crash on big jpeg-covers

Lars Siebold khandha5 at
Mon Jan 24 14:09:33 CET 2005

Thanks for your reply.

I don't know how much this bug is related to #96181. The more I
investigate it, the more it seems to be a bug in iTunes (although it
wouldn't hurt if taglib could still read those files without crashing).

I had a look at the tags with Kid3 and it seems that iTunes incorrectly
set the APIC frame for that picture. That's strange, because it only
happens with jpeg and only with big pictures. So instead of setting the
mimetype to image/jpeg like for all the other pictures, iTunes sets the
picture type to JPG. If recreate the frame with Kid3 everything works
without a problem.


Scott Wheeler wrote, On 23.01.2005 23:02:
> On Sunday 23 January 2005 22:45, Lars Siebold wrote:
>>I'm having a problem loading some files with tags generated by iTunes
>>(Windows). This happens both with amaroK and KTag, so it seems to be a
>>taglib problem.
>>The problem occurs with files that have large jpegs in the APIC-frame. I
>>tested this with several short test-files (I can upload them uppon
>>request). I used the same cover as BMP, PNG and JPEG in 200x200 and
>>600x600. All the files work except the 600x600 jpeg file. That one
>>crashes both amarok and KTag on loading (backtrace attatched).
> This looks like a duplicate of this bug:
> And generally the right place to report bugs is the bug tracking system.
> Thanks!
> -Scott

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