WMA support

Sam Liddicott sam at Liddicott.com
Sat Jan 22 12:56:19 CET 2005

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> And all of that aside, there's a standard policy that I have on not supporting 
> formats without at least one Open Source encoder; I'm not really interested 
> in helping to spread proprietary codecs.

With apologies for resurrecting old threads, but its better than 
starting a new one.

I don't mean to start a fight or a lenghty discussion, but I do want to 
raise the question of this policy in the minds of its holders, without 
the need for them to justify it to me.

I know at least one case where lack of taglib support for wma in amarok 
(media manager type app) is preventing a full migration to linux and 
thus the wider use of free codecs.

A move to "new" linux can be disconcerting anyway, if it can be made 
more stress free, it is surely agood thing?  I'm up against a gang who 
wont move if they can't take their music with them. Windows media player 
only converts to wma, and theyhave a large collection.

Old Bills strategy of embrace and extend is based on wooing and enticing 
  people, making it easy to come from where they are to where they 
should be.

I'm being pompous, I know, but I wonder if this policy will have the 
intended effects.


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