[PATCH] Taglib on MinGW

Stefan Gehn mETz81 at web.de
Thu Dec 8 17:45:39 CET 2005

Scott Wheeler schrieb:
> On Thursday 08 December 2005 17:12, Stefan Gehn wrote:
>>so there's really no interest in a win32 version of taglib?
> You seem to have a very short memory.  ;-)

Nah, I'm just short on memory, at least on my laptop ;)

> I told you a couple days ago on IRC that I would take a look at this patch and 
> others that are pending when I'm back to being connected at home.  I'm not 
> going to do a TagLib release in the next couple of weeks anyway, so there's 
> no real hurry.

well, that wasn't directed at you because I probably need somebody else 
to test things on win32, no? :)

So if anybody in here has interest in getting taglib working on win32, 
please either try compiling it using MinGW or ask for a binary distro.

I'll also have a look at the C-bindings soon, haven't tried compiling 
them yet.

Btw, I might even be able to create a MSVC release as MS is (going to?)
release Visual Studio 2005 for free (the express version that is).

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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