m4a support

Stein Bjorklund steinmb at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 01:07:11 CEST 2005

> > Are you going to support read/write of metadata on m4a-format?
> >
> > It is a popular format amongst iTunes/iPod users. I`m using Amarok
> > ver.1.2.3 playing my favorite iPod tunes, but I`m really missing the
> > m4a support on meta data.
> http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=79833#c4
> See the comment there.  I'm not opposed to implementing support, but until
> somebody gives me a spec for it and the guys actually standardize on
> something it's not going to happen.  There's also the problem that I don't
> have any means of testing interoperability with iTunes (as I don't have
> Windows or Mac) -- so that's also a bit dangerous.

Hi Scott!

faac/faad it not having any trouble decodig iTune created AAC file.
The http://mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net/ also have created some small util
that dump mp4 info:
 # mp4info - display information about tracks in mp4 file
 # mp4dump - dumps contents from mp4 files
 # mp4trackdump - dumps track information
 # mp4tags - sets iTunes tag information
 # mp4art - extract iTunes cover art

You should also take a look on this comment at:

------- Additional Comment #8 From Allan Sandfeld 2005-02-20 16:58 -------
I am considering implementing it in an external taglib-compatible
extension. The reason to make it external is to be able to depend on
libmp4. I need to interact with the same library when writing the
aKode-plugin so I might write a taglib extension at the same time.

I was kind of hoping that we did not forke the code and make a lot of
"special versions" and extentions, it just make the installation and
config of playeres difficult to none tech users. I`m shure the team on
mpeg4ip could give lot of info and code :)


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