Very big and ugly memory leaks

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Sun Apr 3 18:43:47 CEST 2005

On Sunday 03 April 2005 14:45, Benoit Amiaux wrote:

> TagLib::MPC:File foo("blah.mpc");
> delete foo;

Actually "delete foo" there won't even compile.  You don't want to delete 
something that you didn't "new".

> It looks like as if nobody tested ape tag reading in musepack files :(

I don't, nor do I really claim to.  I don't think I have a single MPC file on 
my harddisk.  Pretty much all of that code was contributed (by Alan) and I'm 
not sure he's actively using it either...

As such, debugging is certainly appreciated.  :-)


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is not utterly absurd. 
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