Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Wed Sep 15 00:14:25 CEST 2004

On Sunday 12 September 2004 23:49, Samuel Krempp wrote:
> If there are id3v2 lyrics at the end of the file, the function findApe()
> in mpegfile.cpp misses the APE tag (it happened on some of my files,
> that had lyrics, and which I mp3gained).
I guessing here you are really refering to Lyrics3 tags, which are placed 
directly before any ID3v1 tags. Unfortunaltly they are not currently 
supported by TagLib which only understands ID3v1-2 and APE tags in MP3s.

> I had a look at apetag.c in mp3gain's sources, it parses id3v1 tags and
> id3v2 lyrics frames in a loop until all end-of-file tags have been
> parsed .
Yes, I guess I could add some code to atleast skip Lyrics3v2 tags (trying to 
skip the older Lyrics3v1 would be a lot more work), and a loop shouldn't 
really be necessary since Lyrics3 tags _must_ be placed exactly before the
ID3v1 tag.

Do you know any software for linux that writes Lyrics3 tags, I can use for 


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