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Allan Sandfeld Jensen allan at
Sun Sep 5 00:28:08 CEST 2004

On Thursday 02 September 2004 13:32, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Just a heads up --
> Please look over any new APIs that have been added since 1.2 and make sure
> that they're in a releasable state for 1.3.
> The notable new features that I see are:
> *) APE tags
> *) Support for MPC files
> *) Unique File Identifier frames in ID3v2
> I'd like to get a release out this weekend as the next weekend I'll be
> heading to Chile for a few weeks and probably won't be connected at all.
When running through the code I discovered I have two more patches. The first 
is the zlib support already posted on this mailing-list, the other is 
automatic utf8 detection in ID3v1 tags. Basically it seperates strings to 
belong to one of 3 categories:
1. ASCII only
2. Contains only valid UTF-8 extensions (unlikely to appear naturally in 
3. Contains extentions that are not valid UTF-8 (assume default).

Unfortunatly it currently only works on a string to string basis, it would be 
even more reliable if it worked on the entire tag.

I've attached the patch for review.

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