`::append(wchar_t const*, unsigned)'undefined

Kilian A. Foth foth at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Aug 11 09:44:20 CEST 2004

Scott Wheeler writes:
 > On Tuesday 10 August 2004 16:40, Kilian A. Foth wrote:
 > > I'm trying to compile KDE 3.3b2 in SPARC Solaris 8, and currently I'm
 > > stuck at libs/taglib. When compiling taglib 1.2, I get:
 > [snip]
 > > Obviously something is going wrong between C++'s standard string type
 > > and the type defined in toolkit/tstring.cpp. Is the library
 > > supposed to use its own string type, and if so, how do I prevent the
 > > compiler from assuming that the strings from <strings.h> are meant?
 > Well, it's not strings.h -- the include is just called "string", but TagLib's 
 > string type is in another namespace, so that's not the issue.
 > I've had similar issues reported on Solaris before and it's almost always 
 > ended up being buggy compiler versions or using a libstdc++ that isn't from 
 > the same compiler version.  What compiler / version of libstdc++ are you 
 > using?

We use GCC 3.2 all the way, and as far as I can tell it uses only the
libstdc++ that it brought itself, libstdc++.so.5.0.0.

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