[patch] libtunepimp (MusicBrainz) -> TagLib

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Aug 5 04:11:03 CEST 2004

Here's the patch that I mentioned on IRC (for context for those not following 
this -- Robert requested that I do such) to port the MP3 tag reading / 
writing over to TagLib.

I tried roughly to follow the coding convetions, but no doubt missed some 
things.  Also the configure check is a bit rough -- it doesn't disable 
anything if it fails and then the plugins/mp3 directory won't build, but it 
does get the lib and include paths right.

This hasn't been tested much -- basically just reading stuff on a couple of 
tracks, but it seems to work so far.  Writing and more comprehensive reading 
should of course be tested more.

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