RKWard and R 4.0.0 - Important bug and workaround

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Sun May 24 09:14:17 BST 2020


This is a note of caution about using RKWard with R 4.0.0:

-- Problem --

There is a bug in R 4.0.0 with respect to active bindings, which RKWard
is relatively likely to trigger. Running the following code *twice*
will render your RKWard session unusable, and **could result in
loss of data**:

  for (i in 1:2) { print (i) }

Note that this affects top-level statements, only, i.e. in general code
that you enter in the console of run from a script, directly. Not code
in packages or RKWard plugins.

-- Workaround --

If you have the choice, please delay upgrading R until R 4.0.1 is

If you have already installed R 4.0.0, you should set the option

  compiler::enableJIT(2)  # or a lower value

in each session. This can also be made permanent by copying it into
the field "Futher option commands to run in each session" in
Settings->Configure RKWard->R-Backend.

-- Outlook --

The bug has been fixed in R devel, but no release date has been set to
R 4.0.1, yet. I will probably create a "bugfix"-release that enables
the above workaround by default in the coming day. Meanwhile I have
started working on a new approach to object modification detection that
does not rely on active bindings.

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