[rkward-users] Flush RKWard output

Frederik Aust austf at ifado.de
Tue Oct 30 17:16:52 UTC 2012

Hi there,

today I came across a situation in which I needed to flush the 
RKWard-generated output-file. The GUI has a button, that let's you do 
that. However, I was unable to find a command line function I can call 
from within my scripts to do the job.

I played around a bit and came up with this simple function:

rk.flush.output <- function(){

I was wondering whether RKWard offers a function like this and I just 
missed it.

Best regards,

P.S.: I'm aware that it is possible to simply create a new output file 
using rk.set.output.html.file().

Dipl.-Psych. Frederik Aust

Leibniz Research Center for Working Environment and Human Factors
Research Group: Perceptual cybernetics
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund

E-mail: AustF at ifado.de
Tel.:   +49 / 231 1084 382
Web:    http://www.ifado.de/

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